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"but u just cant live in TX if u dont have a lot of soul."
Familiars come to Austin. we play shows with the GOASTT and some on our own.

it’s gonna be even better than this.

LIVE! this wednesday, 12/11 manhattan Inn, Greenpoint

got a good feeling that this band is gonna b bigger than Jeezus (He only had 4 members).

our LIVE brooklyn debut

cant wait to be joining our dear friends at Union Pool and the fellas in Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band on sunday Oct 13. here’s some more info:

we are very glad to be doing this and possibly getting our teeth cleaned. it’s been a while. we play 10/12 at 8pm. yessssuh

this is quality time spent, right here. Orig Detroit Mix on wax. “…and tell me, friend: how in the world have you been?” wholly holy indeed

did i ever tell you bout that time a young Stevie Wonder was busking outdoors amongst anachronistically modern cars so i snuck up behind him with a cloak? crazy day.